Astromaut Training

What is Astronaut Training?

Astronaut Training is a sound activated vestibular protocol for moving, looking, and listening. It was created by Mary J Kawar MS, OTR and Shiela M Frick, OTR.



The vestibular system helps us understand the position of our head and body in gravity-bound space.  It gives us information about which way is up and where we are going.  It helps us with balance, spatial orientation, and maintaining a stable visual image, even when we are in motion.  Since movement is a part of everything we do, the vestibular system is important for all of our interactions with the sensory world.


The vestibular system teams up with the auditory (processing sound) and visual systems to perform many important tasks by helping us understand the 3-dimensional space, or spatial envelope, that surrounds us wherever we go.  Through the proper functioning of our Vestibular-Auditory-Visual Triad the sights and sounds of our world become meaningful and entice us to move, explore, and engage with objects, people, and events.


Astronaut Training is a strict protocol that works the vestibular, auditory, and visual systems together in fun and engaging activities for children.  The best part is that children think it is all play and NO WORK!!


(Kawar & Frick(2005).  Astronaut Training: A Sound Activated Vetibular-Visual Protocol for Moving, Looking and Listening pg. 4 -5.

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Astromaut Training